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  • CSSE Director
    Herbert Funsten
  • CSSE Administrator
    Laurie Hixson
  • CSSE Office

exploring space

Space Programs

The Laboratory hosts more than 80 NASA and National Science Foundation (NSF) space projects. The Center for Space Sciences and Exploration (CSSE) fosters the growth of these projects and supports technical staff by housing the NASA and NSF space-related program offices.

CSSE staff work with technical staff to identify areas that will benefit the Laboratory and the nation's space program. They also work with technical staff to write and submit proposals--NASA and NSF provide funds through a peer-review process.

Traditional areas of exploration for CSSE include space physics, astrophysics, and planetary science. In addition, CSSE is engaged in numerous new efforts, such as astrobiology, exobiology, space nuclear power and propulsion, and advanced space materials.

Space News

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