Nastasi Named Materials Research Society Fellow

Michael NastasiMichael Nastasi of Los Alamos National Laboratory's Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies has been selected as a 2011 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fellow. The Fellows are outstanding MRS members whose sustained and distinguished contributions to the advancement of materials research are internationally recognized. Each year, no more than 0.2 percent of the current membership of the society is elected to the status of Fellow.

Nastasi's award citation reads, "For seminal contributions to the field of ion-solid interactions and radiation effects, including synthesis of novel materials using energetic ions, with applications to energy, manufacturing, nanotechnology, and advanced microelectronics." 

Nastasi's research includes irradiation effects in nanostructured materials, irradiation-induced phase transformations, ion-enhanced and plasma synthesis of materials, mechanical properties of metastable materials and nanoscale structures, and materials analysis using ion beam techniques.

Nastasi, who has a doctorate in materials science and engineering from Cornell University, is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a Laboratory Fellow. He directs the Center for Materials at Irradiation and Mechanical Extremes (CMIME), a DOE Energy Frontier Research Center. Previously, Nastasi was the nanoelectronics and mechanics thrust leader at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies and the team leader of the nanoscience and ion-solid interaction team in the Structure/Property Relations Group.

LANL Receives FLC Awards

Los Alamos National Laboratory received the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) award in January from the National Nuclear Security Administration for superb technology transfer. The technologies recognized were the Adaptive Radio Technology (ART) for Satellite Communications and the Genie Pro software.

LANL's ART is a communications-system prototype. Used on miniature satellites, it can enable advanced functions such as imaging and video streaming. Genie Pro is an interactive tool that works with an analyst to gain highly accurate image output from hyperspectral satellite data, aerial imagery, standard color imagery, and various types of medical imagery. The software is able to distinguish between different features that share spectral characteristics. One application uses the software to identify cancer cells in histological images.

The FLC award honored LANL for its advancement in technology and successful commercialization. FLC is a nationwide network of federal laboratories that helps link the laboratories to the marketplace.

LANL Staff Honored by Department of Energy

The Field Intelligence Element (FIE) team from Los Alamos National Laboratory was honored by the Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence Director Bruce Held. The team received the DOE's Exceptional Service Award in March for its role in providing important information to the nation's senior national security policymakers.

The award recognizes exceptional contributions to the U.S. Intelligence Community. The FIE's unique science and technology expertise has played an important role in providing critical information to the policymakers.

LANL Director Michael Anastasio said, "The unique science and technology expertise of our staff allows us to answer difficult questions for the intelligence community." According to William Rees, Jr., Director for Global Security, LANL has a long history of important contributions to national security. Rees offered his appreciation to LANL's devoted employees who impact the country's national security.

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