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Basic Energy Sciences
  • Material Sciences and Engineering Division Portfolio
    • Science of 100 Tesla
    • Towards a Universal Description of Vortex Matter in Superconductors
    • Quantum Fluctuations in Narrowband Systems
    • Integrated Modeling of Novel and Dirac Materials
    • Topological Phases of Quantum Matter & Decoherence
    • Dilatational and Shear Transformations in HCP Metals: Interfacial Defects and Collective Interactions
    • The Relationship Between Defect Kinetics and Crystalline
  • Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences Portfolio
    • Heavy Element Chemistry
    • Nonlinear Elasticity in Rocks
    • Fracture Formation and Permeability Evolution In-situ Pressure, Temperature and Stress Conditions
    • Next Generation First Principles Molecular Dynamics
    • Photoinduced electronic Dynamics at Chemically Assembled Quantum Interfaces
    • Theory and Simulation of Ultrafast Multidimensional Nonlinear X-ray Spectroscopy of Molecules
  • National User Facilities
  • Energy Frontier Research Centers
Fusion Energy Sciences
  • Magnetic Fusion Experiments
  • Plasma Surface Interactions – SciDAC Partnership
  • Control of the Plasma Material Interface for Long Pulse Optimization in EAST
  • Laboratory Investigation of Fundamental Plasma-Shock Physics from Collisional to Collisionless Regimes
  • High Fidelity Kinetic Modeling of Magnetic Reconnection in Laboratory Plasmas
  • Particle Energization in Low-Beta Multi-Scale Turbulent Plasmas
  • Plasma Theory
  • General Plasma Science
Nuclear Physics
Workforce Development for Teachers & Scientists