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LANL Hydrogen Safety Codes and Standards Program

The LANL hydrogen safety codes and standards program is focused on hydrogen fuel quality and is funded by the EERE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office (HFTO)

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Fuel Cell Impurity Testing

Typical LANL test set-up for evaluation of effect of hydrogen impurities. The team also has an anode re-circulation system (not shown) to evaluate the effect of different operating modes.

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Hydrogen Safety Codes and Standards Program

The work being done within this program is being performed in the Materials Synthesis and Integrated Devices Group (MPA-11) by Tommy Rockward, Eric Brosha, Chris Romero, Sandip Maurya and Rangachary (Mukund) Mukundan. The program provides technical data in support of both the National (SAE J2719)  and International (ISO 14687-2) hydrogen fuel quality standards. The program also develops hydrogen contaminant detectors (HCDs) capable of alerting Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) operators to any fuel quality issues in real time.

  • LANL researchers are currently collaborating with FORD and HNEI to develop a Technical Information Report (TIR) for SAE J2319
  • LANL researchers have existing collaborations with researchers from JARI and the EU (including SINTEF, VTT, and CEA) to support the ISO 14687-2 fuel quality standard   
  • LANL researchers have also established a collaboration with HRS operators H2Frontier and OneH2 and have demonstrated the performance of their HCD technology in the field
  • LANL has recently completed a Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF) project 
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