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Faces of Science: Tim Germann

Says Tim Germann, “It’s reassuring when nature behaves as you expect it to, but even more exciting when it surprises you, which is often the case in science.” Such surprises are common for Tim, who plays a role in the future designs of computers and software.
March 4, 2015
Tim Germann

Tim Germann, Future of Computers


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Designing the future of really fast computers

Faces of Science: Tim Germann

Faces of Science: Tim Germann

While in junior high school, Tim Germann received his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20 with 5 kilobytes of memory—roughly the content of one written page. Decades later, Tim is preparing for the exascale computer era, which will bring computing power and memory that are each 12 orders of magnitude greater than the VIC-20.

As Director of the Exascale Co-design Center for Materials in Extreme Environments, Tim is in the unique position of witnessing the birth of even faster and more powerful computers and applications that will dominate the world in the decades to come.


Tim Germann works for T-1's Physics & Chemistry of Materials group.