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Faces of Science: Roger Wiens

As a kid, Roger Wiens built model rockets and even a telescope. Today, Wiens fuels his passion for space by contributing to technology that is helping to explore Mars.
March 4, 2015
Roger Wiens

Roger Wiens, Space


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Wiens’ passion for space has no limits

At nine years old, Roger Wiens built a telescope to sketch the features of Mars.

Faces of Science: Roger Wiens

Faces of Science: Roger Wiens

Forty years later he returned to the Red Planet, this time as part of a team that invented ChemCam, a device aboard the rover Curiosity.

Using a laser that packs the energy of a million light bulbs into a spot the size of a pinhead, ChemCam blasts pieces of Martian rock in search of elements like carbon and oxygen—some of the basic building blocks of life.

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Roger Wiens works for ISR-2's Space & Remote Sensing group.