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Faces of Science: Richard Sayre

Richard Sayre cites his father as his greatest influence. “He and I built cars and experimented with solar cells ... with great fun and passion.” Richard works on biofuel production systems and global food-security challenges.
March 4, 2015
Richard Sayre

Richard Sayre, Biofoods and Biofuels


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Working at the cutting edge of discovery fuels Sayre’s science

Richard Sayre’s passion for plants, photosynthesis, and biophysics was nurtured by his father, who was a physician and a keen organic gardener. It is this passion that drove Richard to become a bioscientist.

Faces of Science: Richard Sayre

Faces of Science: Richard Sayre

Today, Richard and his team work on engineering advanced biofuel production systems and aggressing global food-security challenges. Says Richard, “It’s the idea of being at the cutting edge of discovery that makes me wake up each morning and rush off to work.”

Richard Sayre works for B-11's Bioenergy and Biome Sciences group.