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Faces of Science: Amy Bauer

Amy Bauer switched careers from mathematics and finance to follow her passion and since has applied her skills to discovering novel therapeutics for cancer, determining the effects of tuberculosis infection on AIDS, and issues related to national security.
March 4, 2015
Amy Bauer

Amy Bauer, National Technical Nuclear Forensics program


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From finance to forensics: a foundation of inspired problem-solving

For Amy Bauer working in science allows her to express her passion for challenges and problem-solving puzzles. The spark that ignited her interest in science was not a single event or person—it was a succession of events leading from a career in finance to forensics.

Faces of Science: Amy Bauer

Faces of Science: Amy Bauer

Through her pursuit of intellectually stimulating problems and inspired by historical accounts related to mathematics and science, today Amy finds herself passionate about the technical challenges she encounters working in the Laboratory’s National Technical Nuclear Forensics program. The nuclear-deterrent component of this program involves reverse-engineering nuclear devices by using post-detonation data.

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Bauer works for the National Technical Nuclear Forensics program.