USRC 2019 Interns

Meet our 2019 USRC interns.

Ghazanfar Ali

ghazanfar.jpeg HPC Data Center Control and Management Paradigms


Devon Bautista

Devon-Bautista.jpegDevon Bautista works on Kraken: A cluster configuration management system for automating cluster administration


Paul Bryant

bryant_paul.pngPaul Bryant is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science at Kent State University, where he also obtained his bachelors. While working at the USRC he is focused on work flow deployment across HPC systems and containerization

Mentor(s): Dave Montoya


Prajwal Challa

PrajwalChalla.jpeg I/O Systems Software Research and Development.


Alexandra DeLucia

delucia_alexnadra.jpgAlexandra DeLucia is a post-bachelor researcher at USRC/HPC-DES. She is a returning student, continuing her research on machine learning techniques to monitor high performance computers. Her current project is creating tools to make the HPC Consultants ticketing system more efficient. She graduated from Rollins College where she received a bachelor's in Computer Science and Mathematics (2018). In Fall 2019 she will start her PhD in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins with a focus in Human Language Technology. Alexandra enjoys hiking, long walks on the beach, and deep conversations.

Mentor(s): Lissa Moore


Dakota Fulp

Dakota Fulp

Dakota Fulp is a post-bachelor researcher at NMC and is working on development of the DECAF-FSEFI fault injector with Nathan DeBardeleben and Terry Grové. He attended Coastal Carolina University where he obtained a bachelor's in Applied Physics (2015) and a bachelor's in Computer Science (2017). He plans on returning to graduate school for a master's degree this upcoming fall. His research interests include data analytics, software development, artificial intelligence/machine learning, ethical hacking, security, and electronic hardware projects. During this past summer, he made major improvements to the DECAF-FSEFI platform such as automated fine-grained fault injections, profiler improvements, and the inclusion of a configuration file for future features. Dakota has been working as a post-bachelor researcher with NMC since the beginning of 2018.

Mentor(s): Terry Grové, Nathan DeBardeleben


Megan Hickman Fulp

Megan Fulp

Megan Hickman Fulp is a student at Clemson University, seeking a Master's in Computer Engineering. She received a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics from Coastal Carolina University. Some of her interests include data analytics, algorithmic design, robotics, and computer graphics. During the summer of 2018, she researched possible techniques for determining the origin of HPC system log lines within the machine's source code. The following year, she worked on SaNSA, focusing on node state architecture, historical analysis and anomaly detection.

Mentor(s): Nathan DeBardeleben


Ankush Jain


Streaming frameworks for high-throughput sensor data acquisition with in-situ preprocessing.


Hailong Jiang




Vanessa Job

Vanessa Job

Machine Learning.


Huan Ke


Design and implement a way of exploring protection schemes.


Willy Kim




Chang-Gyu Lee


Design of the key-value storage device to optimize query performance.


Cannon McIntosh




Spencer Ortega

Spencer Ortega

HPC Resilience.


Onkar Patil

Onkar Patil Onkar is a PhD student at North Carolina State University in the Department of Computer Science since 2016. He completed his Master's thesis program in Computer Science from the same university in 2014. After that he worked full-time for NetApp Inc. as Product Support Engineer for two years. He has also worked at Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Oak RIdge as an intern. He hails from Mumbai, India.  Onkar's current research field is primarily based on Compilers and Heterogeneous Memory architectures. His current work is focused on using static code analysis for automating memory placements in complex memory systems. He has previously worked with power consumption control for HPC systems, Predictable collective communication for on-chip mesh networks and Transactional HPC: a framework for stencil application in memory centric architectures.

During his time at NMC, Onkar focuses on memory allocation and placement for DRAM-HBM memory systems.

Mentor(s):  Latchesar Ionkov

Stephen Penton

Stephen Penton

Stephen Penton is a post-bachelor researcher at NMC and is working on a collaboration project using LLNL's DisCVar tool and the DECAF-FSEFI platform with Nathan DeBareleben and Terry Grové. He graduated from Coastal Carolina University earning a bachelor's in Computer Science (2017) as well as Applied Mathematics (2017). His research interests include data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and adaptive algorithms. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys continuing to learn about multiple computer science and math topics, reading, and playing video games.

Mentor(s): Terry Grové, Nathan DeBardeleben


Zhi Qiao (George)

Zhi QiaoZhi Qiao (George) is a third year PhD student from University of North Texas and a research intern at USRC in summer 2018. His research interests include storage systems reliability and edge computing for Augmented/Mix reality. At NMC/USRC, George is working with his mentor Dr. HB Chen to enable proactive data protection in ZFS filesystem. By incorporate disk drives failure prediction with file system, HPC storage can proactively retire failing disk drives and migrate data safely before actual failure onset. Unlike post-failure data recovery which requires even weeks to complete RAID reconstruction, proactive data protection rescue and migrates data in hours.  

Mentor(s): HB Chen


Mian Qin



Richard Snyder

Richard Snyder

High Performance Computing Configuration Management


Dylan Wallace

Dylan Wallace

Fast neutron detection and ECC memory project


Daniel Wang


Using Machine Learning to up-sample physical simulations.