Los Alamos National LaboratoryStrategic Analyses and Assessments Office
Building partnerships through collaboration with DoD, DOE, and across LANL organizations


We facilitate analyses that focus on technical or scientific capabilities that impact U.S. deterrence.

  • Resiliency vulnerability
  • Cyber risk
  • Impacts and options
  • NNSA weapons laboratories coordination and response

Analytic activities include

  • Organizing and performing internal "triage" analyses, lasting 3-4 days, to help focus further analytic activities or to bound the potential outcomes for future analysis;
  • Developing and hosting workshops to bring SMEs together to assess capabilities, gaps, and opportunities’
  • Focused analysis to support LANL senior leadership and external stakeholders with detailed assessments for nuclear weapon options or effects; and
  • Analytical activities and products to support larger programs or initiatives at Los Alamos related to nuclear weapon options, effects and impacts, and assessments related to resiliency or vulnerability of systems critical to national deterrence.