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Biological Applications

Biological Applications

Bioscience technologies for biosecurity, infectious disease, and other threats.

Bioscience Capabilities—for Collaboration

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How we deploy innovation


Cell biology hasn't been the same since Los Alamos pioneered flow cytometry in mid-1960s when a Lab scientist invented a cell separator that could pinpoint specific living cells in a solution containing millions of other cells.

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Former Los Alamos researchers founded Acoustic Cytometry Systems (ACS) and exclusively licensed the technology in 2006. With help from Los Alamos, the company developed the world’s first truly portable and affordable cytometer, which won a 2007 R&D 100 award from R&D Magazine.

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After Life Technologies acquired Acoustic Cytometry Systems, it released the Attune Acoustic Focusing Cytometer in 2009. Now a brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the company recently introduced the Attune NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer. Flow cytometry has become the standard in medical and pharmaceutical industries for the study and treatment of such diseases as cancer, AIDS, and genetic disorders.

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Ways we can help you find solutions

Foundational science

  • Recognition ligands
  • Genomics
  • Isotope science
  • Host pathogen studies
  • Modeling
  • Transduction

Enabling technologies

  • Next-generation Sequencing
  • Rapid Ultrasensitive Biosensor
  • Multiplex Biosensor
  • Bioinformatics
  • Background Characterization

To take a closer look at Los Alamos sensor capabilities, follow the links under "Bioscience Capabilities for collaboration" above. This is only a small sampling of what is available, so please email SensorNexus for an in-depth discussion of available technologies!

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