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About us

We collaborate on problem-solving for sensor technologies and global security.

Gateway to world-class expertise and capabilities.

SensorNexus serves as a virtual gateway to world-class expertise and capabilities for sensor-related solutions for global security and other applications.

We collaborate with strategic public and private partners on the innovation of sensor technologies.

Our signature: diverse, interdisciplinary expertise.

Working at the intersection of biology, chemistry, computation, nuclear and radiological applications, space, climate, and engineering (among hundreds of key capabilities), scientists at Los Alamos use their expertise to create faster detection platforms, enhance threat characterization, and improve comparative analysis for response.

With a strong track-record—from basic, interdisciplinary research to systems integration—Los Alamos’ diverse collection of experts have the knowledge and experience to effectively partner and deliver integrated, innovative solutions for national and global security.

Agile development from integration with Los Alamos science.

Our four Pillar areas draw upon decades of in-depth capabilities for security solutions and provide an agile framework for assembling multidisciplinary teams of skilled experts. That framework and expertise allow the Lab to be highly responsive to national and global security threats, resulting in rapid and effective solutions for collaborators and customers.

Lab Pillars