Los Alamos National LaboratoryNeSMA - New Science for Multisectors Adaptation
Co-evolution of coastal natural, human, and engineered systems

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Understanding the co-evolution of regional, coastal multisectors

Long-term climate change and extreme weather events are the most critical national security challenges. A large number of military facilities and critical infrastructures lie in coastal counties that are threatened by episodic and long-term environmental disturbances, with catastrophic economic and national security consequences. Costly engineering efforts are required to adapt to these threats, but current adaptation planning approaches are inadequate.

New Science for Multisectors Adaptation (NeSMA) framework is a new approach to develop an adaptation science for complex natural-human-engineered systems on coastal regions. NeSMA couples land-vegetation-ocean evolution with quantified uncertainties and with stochastic optimization algorithms for modeling the evolution of coupled natural and engineered system with respect to these uncertainties.

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