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CSES FY17 Emerging Ideas Call for Program Development

High quality, cutting-edge science in the areas of astrophysics, space physics, solid planetary geoscience, and climate science


  • Director
  • Reiner Friedel
  • (505) 665-1936
  • Email
  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Melissa Martinez
  • (505) 665-0391
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Science Discipline Leaders  

  • Astrophysics & Cosmology
  • Hui Li
  • (505) 665-3131
  • Email
  • Climate
  • Keeley Costigan
  • (505) 665-4788
  • Email
  • Geophysics
  • David Coblentz
  • (505) 667-2781
  • Email
  • Space Physics
  • Geoffrey Reeves
  • (505) 665-3877
  • Email

NSEC's Center for Space and Earth Science (CSES) is pleased to announce the FY17 Call for Emerging Ideas Program Development (PD) proposals.

Details on this CSES program element can be found in the 2016 Call for proposals (pdf); apart from new submission dates this program element has not changed from last year.

  • Refer to Section 4.3 for a description of the program.
  • Refer to Section 5.1.3 for proposal preparation and submission information.
  • Use the cover sheet (pdf) to this announcement with your submission.
  • Email your proposal and the cover sheet to cses@lanl.gov with a copy to your respective CSES science discipline area leader (see below).

Applications need to be received by our office by June 26. Decisions will be made for project starts on July 5.

The Emerging Ideas Program Development (PD) is funded out of the CSES G&A portfolio and cannot be used to support technical work.

Activities that can be supported here include proposal writing, white paper idea development, literature searches, small equipment purchases, publication costs, collaborative visits, and teaming activities such as support for proposal team meetings.

We further invite proposals that meet the requirements laid out in the FY17 Pathfinder Fund Call, specifically projects that catalyze innovation in the CSES Science discipline areas, aimed at enhanced program development enabled by technology demonstration. Again no research development can be undertaken in these projects, as the objective is to demonstrate performance for existing technologies, not to develop new technologies.

Funding maximum is $30K for an up to 3-month study. All work needs to be completed in FY17.

Proposals are on a short turnaround in order to enable execution in FY17!

Science discipline areas

Proposals are invited in the four CSES science discipline areas.

Discipline Focus Team Leader
Astrophysics & Cosmology Hui Li
Space Science Geoffrey Reeves
Geophysics David Coblentz
Climate Keeley Costigan

For additional information, contact one of the four Focus Leaders or contact the CSES Office at cses@lanl.gov.

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