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Acceptance and Rejection of CSES Proposals

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Final decisions on acceptance and/or rejection of all proposals are reached after each science discipline’s review meeting, held right after the close of submissions, typically in April or May of each year.

Preliminary announcements are made right after the review meeting, while a formal announcements of acceptance with a confirmed budget are made of the next fiscal year, after 1 October, as soon as the CSES budget is finalized.

CSES assumes the proposal cost is accurate. When a project is approved for funding, CSES expects the out-year budgets to be as originally proposed and approved.

Requests for changes in funding must be well justified and are considered on a case-by-case basis.


In preparing proposals, PIs should be aware of the following reasons that some proposals are rejected:

  • The proposal was good but could not be funded because of insufficient CSES funds.
  • Objectives and background are unclear or inadequately argued.
  • Ideas are not innovative.
  • Methods are inadequately described or do not reflect state-of-the-art.
  • Approach is not convincing enough to satisfy the objectives.
  • Did not align with Laboratory National Security Mission Objectives.
  • For research proposals involving University-LANL collaborations, collaborations are weak.
  • Important and relevant Los Alamos National Laboratory facilities are not considered or exploited.
  • Lack of commitment by the Los Alamos National Laboratory Principal Investigator to the research or mentoring process.
  • Subject matter is not relevant to CSES’s and Institutional scientific interests or Laboratory research priorities.

Any proposal that includes an active CSES focus lead or advisor, reviewer or manager who would have a financial interest in the outcome proposal acceptance, will be disqualified from consideration.