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CSES is pleased to announce two new Focus Area Leads for the Focus Areas of Geophysics and Earth Systems:

Char Rowe (EES-17), Focus Lead for Geophysics

Char is a highly successful member of LANL’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Geophysics Group, where she supports the Ground-based Nuclear Detonation Detection team. She is an internationally recognized expert in volcano seismology and part of an international Joint Task Force that is exploring the use of special underwater telecommunications cables to gather seismic data. She has taken over as CSES Focus Lead for Geophysics from David Coblentz, effective December 3, 2018.

Sanna Sevanto (EES-14), Focus Lead for Earth Systems

Sanna is a very active member of the Earth Systems Observation Group of LANL's Earth and Environmental Sciences Division, where she is Team Leader of the Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystem Science Team. As Team Leader, she oversees the development and application of experimental techniques and numerical models to a range of atmospheric and ecosystem phenomena affecting climate and environmental changes. She takes over as CSES Focus Lead for Earth Systems from Keeley Costigan, effective February 4, 2019.

Please join in welcoming Char and Sanna to their new roles in CSES!

These new Focus Leads are part of a normal rotation of Focus Leads that CSES intends to perform about every three years. The intent here is to expose more LANL folk to entry level management jobs and the strategic thinking that comes with the Focus Lead position, and to inject new thinking and new ideas to the Center’s Focused Science Topics that form the basis for the CSES Call for Proposals.

Many thanks to David and Keeley for their contributions to making CSES a successful center! Both David and Keeley will join the newly formed CSES internal advisory committee and will continue to help guide CSES in the next few years.