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FY18 Announcements

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Emerging Ideas Round 3 selections

CSES is pleased to announce the Round 3 selections for the Emerging Ideas program.

CSES considered twelve Round 2 proposals and three deferred proposals from Round 1, and was able to select the following seven new proposals.

Emerging Ideas R&D

  • Earth Systems: Plant Acclimation to Warming Climate – Sanna Sevanto, EES-14
  • Astro: Autonomic MHD for the Turbulent Magnetized Plasmas in Astrophysics - Chengkun Huang, T-5
  • Earth Systems: Can Chaos theory help us better model wildland fires? - Alexandra Jonko, EES-16
  • Astro: Fundamental Physics with HAWC: TeV Gamma-Rays from Extragalactic Sources, Emil Mottola, T-2
  • Space: Engagement in LunaH-Map Mini-NS Detector Calibration, Katherine Mesick, ISR-1

Emerging Ideas PD

  • Geo: Exploring Local Earthquake Detection and Location Using a Seismic Array in Lieu of a Network, Charlotte Rowe, EES-17
  • Geo/Space: The Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons (DAN) instrument, Patrick Gasda, ISR-2

Emerging Ideas Round 3 process (Round 3 is closed)

While the CSES budget for the Emerging Ideas program is exhausted at this point, past experience has shown that additional funding from other areas that are under-running often becomes available in the May/June timeframe.

CSES continues to invite Emerging Ideas proposals for an anticipated Round 3 selection in June 2018.

Only three month duration proposals will be considered for Round 3.

Four deferred proposals from Round 2 and all new proposals received by June 8, 2018 will be considered for the Round 3 selections, budget allowing.

Round 3 proposal starts are planned for July 2, 2018 and all work must be completed by the end of FY18.