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The Seaborg Institute Summer Research Fellowship project advertises nationally to recruit outstanding graduate students from research universities across the nation to work in critical skills areas.



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Summer Research Fellowship

Research Fellowships are offered in two major areas

  • Nuclear and Radiochemistry - Nuclear forensics, homeland security, nuclear medicine, isotope production, nuclear physics, and related areas.

  • Actinide Science - F-element chemistry and physics, spectroscopy, surface science, materials science, metallurgy, and related areas.

Fellowships generally run 10-12 weeks, and give students an opportunity to join Los Alamos scientists in independent research projects that can contribute to their thesis or advanced degree.

While at Los Alamos, Research Fellows are asked to participate in a weekly lecture series on a wide variety of current research topics presented by Los Alamos experts.

Students are expected to present their research results at a poster session at the end of the summer experience.

The program is sponsored by the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security and the G. T. Seaborg Institute for Transactinium Science.

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2017 Participants

Nicholas Borges, MST-8

Worchester Polytechnic

Nicholas Borges

Feasibility of Small Animal Anatomical and Functional Imaging with Neutrons

Lucas Boron-Brenner, C-NR

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Lucas Boron-Brenner

Chromatographic Separations of Actinides, Lanthanides, and Transition Metals

Jacquelyn Dorhout, C-IIAC

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Jaquelyn Dorhout

Explorations into Organouranium Synthetic Chemistry

Thomas Duignan, T-1

University of Buffalo

Thomas Duignan

Temperature Dependence of XAS in Lanthanides and Actinides

Nicholas Hubley, MPA-11

University of Missouri-Columbia

Dissolution of Post-Detonation Nuclear Debris via Ammonium Bifluoride

Adnan Khair, T-4

University of New Mexico

Adnan Khair

f-electron Database: A Data Analysis and Learning Tool for Strongly Correlated Materials

Scott Pattenaude, C-IIAC

Purdue University

Scott Patternaude

Understanding Bonding in the Actinides: Synthesis of Np and Pu Tris(imido) Complexes

Tan Shi, P-25

University of Michigan

Tan Shi

Actinide Sputtering Induced by Fission with Ultra-cold Neutrons

Katherine Shield, C-NR

University of California, Berkeley

Kathering Shield

Application of Silicon Drift Detector to Nuclear Forensics

Katherine Thornock, C-NR

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Katherine Thornock

Application of Silicon Drift Detector to Nuclear Forensics