Materials Science / Data Technology Nexus: IMS mini-symposium

This one day mini-symposium is aligned with the CINT 2016 User Meeting, September 19 - 20
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  • Director
  • Dr. Alexander V. Balatsky
  • Institute for Materials Science
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  • Deputy Director
  • Dr. Jennifer S. Martinez
  • Institute for Materials Science
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  • Caryll Blount
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Materials Science and Data Technology Nexus

Dates: September 21, 2016
Venue:  La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe, NM, USA
Registration: New Mexico Consortium (NMC) online registration
Cost: $100 Registration fee
Sponsors: Los Alamos National Laboratory, CINT, ISTI, IMS, NMC

MS / DT Nexus Poster (pdf)

The Materials Science and Data Technology Nexus mini-symposium is aligned with the CINT 2016 User Meeting,September 19 - 20. You are encouraged to attend the CINT user workshop as well, as your schedule permits.

Conference registration for LANL participants is open in Concur [10613] for the entire event, and is required. Please Note: maximum anticipated expenses in Concur should only include $100 registration fee and one day $10 parking (if parking anticipated). Please go to to register for both the CINT User Meeting and MS/DT Nexus. MS/DT Nexus registration fees will cover the mini-symposium talks, meals and the evening reception on the 21st.

Recent years have witnessed exponential growth in the ability to generate large multidimensional data sets. However, data generation has significantly outpaced the ability to effectively manage, share, analyze, and meaningfully access such data. In this one-day symposium, we will work towards developing a common framework and language that seamlessly bridges the gap between three critical communities:

  1. Scientists and engineers that generate materials-related data by experiment and simulation;
  2. Those who use and validate existing materials data; and
  3. The community that can develop the tools necessary for mining, analyzing, and curating large materials data sets.

We have assembled a team of experts from within LANL and the larger scientific community that will cover these focused topics:

  • Data analytics and image recognition
  • Machine learning
  • Data validation and prediction of new materials (structural, electronic, organic, etc.)

Invited Speakers (to be confirmed)

Los Alamos National Lab Speakers

  • James Ahrens (CCS-7)
  • Marian Anghel (CCS-3)
  • Stephan Eidenbenz (ISTI)
  • Bob Hackenberg (SIGMA)
  • Abigail Hunter (XCP-1)
  • Turab Lookman (T-4)
  • Philip Schembri (W-13)
  • Alexei Skurikhin (ISR-3)

External Speakers

  • Stanislav Borysov (Nordita)
  • Ian Foster (Argonne)
  • Matthias Geilhufe (Nordita)
  • Surya Kalidindi (Georgia Tech)
  • Abdullah Mueen (UNM)
  • Ray Osborn (Argonne)

Organizing Committee

Alexander Balatsky IMS, LANL -
Nate Mara IMS, LANL -
Committee members
Towfiq Ahmed IMS, LANL -
Stephan Eidenbenz ISTI, LANL -

Administrative contact

Caryl Blount -

Technical contact

Nate Mara IMS, LANL -

sponsors of mini-symposium are LANL, CINT, ISTI, IMS