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Parallel Computing Summer Research Internship

Creates next-generation leaders in HPC research and applications development


  • Program Co-Lead
  • Robert (Bob) Robey
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  • Program Co-Lead
  • Jonas Lippuner
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  • Program Co-Lead
  • Luke Van Roekel
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The Parallel Computing Summer Research Internship is an intense 10-week program aimed at providing students with a solid foundation in modern high performance computing (HPC) topics integrated with research on real problems encountered in large-scale scientific codes.

2019 Summer School Lecture Schedule

2019 Parallel Computing Lecture Schedule


During the 10-week program, students will receive training and lectures on modern topics in HPC and software development, including

  • parallel programming,
  • programming models,
  • algorithms,
  • hardware architecture and its impact on code design choices,
  • high-quality software development in collaborative environments,
  • visualization and workflow.

Students will collaborate in teams to identify and investigate different computational problems within the scientific focus area, and implement solutions guided by mentors with scientific and computational expertise.

Students will work on cutting-edge HPC hardware and gain hands-on experience.

Students will gain experience in communicating their work through posters and oral presentations.


This highly-selective program is designed for upper division undergraduates to early graduate students from all STEM fields. As a general guideline, students should have moderate experience with a compiled scientific computing language, such as C, C++, or Fortran and with the Linux operating system.

Duration & Location

The program will last ten weeks, June 8th through August 14th 2020, and will be held at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Students must be available to live and work in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Applications must be submitted by January 10th, 2020. (Application Link)

Download the 2020 Brochure (pdf)