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2019 PCSRI Students

Creating next-generation leaders in HPC research and applications development.


Summer School Students

  1. Roger Hatfull, Physics (MS), University of Alberta
  2. Sofia Helpert, Physics (BS), University of Texas, Austin
  3. Jeffrey Keithley, Mathematics (BS), New Mexico Tech
  4. Benjamin Mastripolito, Computer Science (BS), New Mexico Tech
  5. Paula Olaya-Garcia, Computer Science (BS), University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  6. Brian Romero, Mechanical Engineering (PhD), University of New Mexico
  7. Michael Rozowski, Mathematics (BS), Arizona State University
  8. Boqian Shen, Computational and Applied Mathematics (PhD), Rice University
  9. Arkadijs Slobodkins, Applied and Computational Mathematics (PhD), Southern Methodist University
  10. Nigel Tan, Computational and Applied Mathematics (MS), Rice University
  11. Matthew Watwood, Applied Mathematics (PhD), University of Colorado, Boulder
  12. Yeawon Yoo, Industrial Engineering (PhD), Arizona State University