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Parallel Computing Summer Research Internship

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2019 Student Projects

Students are highly encouraged to present their summer research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Student Symposium poster session at the end of the summer, and, if applicable, submit to other conferences, workshops and journals. Students also present their work at a Lab-wide seminar.

Quantifying Uncertainities in VPIC
Roger Hatfull (University of Alberta)111
Mentors: Bob Bird (CCS-7) and Guangye Chen (T-5)

Porting VPIC to Kokkos
Nigel Tan (Rice University/ University of Tennesssee at Knoxville)
Mentors: Bob Bird (CCS-7) and Guangye Chen (T-5)

Numerical Method for the Computation of Synchrotron Radiation in the Near-Field 
Boqian Shen (Rice University)
Mentor: Rao Garimella (T-5)

Runtime Examination of Kokkos
Arkadijs Slobodkins (Southern Methodist University)
Mentor: Rao Garimella (T-5)

Statistical Estimation via Variational Inference using MPI and GPUs
Sofia Helpert (University of Texas) and Yeawon Yoo (Arizona State University)
Mentors: Nathan Urban (CCS-2), Earl Lawrence (CCS-6) and Ayan Biswas (CCS-7)

Benchmarking Sparse Matrix Solvers on CPUs and GPUs for Nuclear Reaction Networks
Paula Fernanda Olaya Garcia (University of Tennessee at Knoxville) 
Mentor: Joe Jonas (CCS-2)

Assessing Data Structures and Loop Ordering on Multi-Material Physics
Benjamin Mastripolito (New Mexico Tech)
Mentors: Rao Garimello (T-5) and Bob Robey (XCP-2)

Impact of a Stencil Kernel's Radius and Loop Tiling on Performance
Michael Rozowski (Arizona State University/ University of Maryland) and Jeffrey Keithley (New Mexico Tech)
Mentors: Bob Robey (XCP-2), Bob Bird (CCS-7), Hammond and Mattson (Intel)

Enabling Performance Portable Exascale Atmospheric Simulations
Brian Romero (University of New Mexico)
Mentors: Jon Reisner (XCP-4) and Bob Robey (XCP-2)

MPAs and FleCSI: Two Acronyms to Make Ocean Models Accurate, Fast, and Portable
Matthew Watwood (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Mentors: Phil Jones and Luke Van Roekel (T-3)