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Parallel Computing Summer Research Internship

Creating next-generation leaders in HPC research and applications development


  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Nickole Aguilar Garcia
  • (505) 665-3048
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2017  Students

Siddhartha Bishnu Siddhartha Bishnu
Physical Oceanography, MS
Florida State University
Nils Carlson

Nils Carlson
Mathematics & Computer Science and Engineering, BS
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Jacob Carroll Jacob Carroll
Physics, PhD
Virginia Tech
Jordan Fox Jordan Fox
Computational Sciences, PhD
San Diego State University
Trokon Johnson Trokon Johnson
Computer Engineering, PhD
The University of Florida
Donald Kruse

Donald Kruse
Applied Math & Computer Science, BS
University of New Mexico
Fall 2017:  Applied Math PhD Program, UNM

Rachel LeCover Rachel LeCover
Chemical Engineering, PhD
Cornell University
Kirtus Leyba Kirtus Leyba
Astrophysics, BS
University of New Mexico
Fall 2017:  PhD program, Arizona State University
Prerna Patil Prerna Patil
Fluids and Thermal Sciences, MS
Brown University
Fall 2017:  PhD program, University of Pittsburgh
Jennifer Soter Jennifer Soter
Physics, BS
Drew University
Shane Fogerty Shane Fogerty
Physics & Astronomy, PhD
University of Rochester
William Rosenberger Wiliam Rosenberger
Computer Science, BS
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Jose Alonso Navarro Nunez Jose Alonso Navarro
Computational Science, MS
San Diego State University
Justin Sunu Justin Sunu
Computational Science, PhD
Claremont Graduate University
Brian Kaiser Bryan Kaiser
Physical Oceanography, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robert-Martin Short Robert Martin-Short
Geophysics, PhD
University of California, Berkeley