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Parallel Computing Summer Research Internship

Creates next-generation leaders in HPC research and applications development


  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Nickole Aguilar Garcia
  • (505) 665-3048
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2016:  Students

Peter Ahrens Peter Ahrens
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science BS
UC Berkeley
Fall 2016:  MIT PhD program

Jenniffer Estrada Jenniffer Estrada
Computer Science MS
Youngstown State University
Platon Karpov Platon Karpov
Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics BS
Stony Brook University
Fall 2016:  UC Santa Cruz PhD program

Priscilla Kelly Priscilla Kelly
Computational Science MS
San Diego State University
Stephanie Lauber Stephanie Lauber
Computational Science PhD
San Diego State University
Justin Lietz Justin Lietz
Physics PhD
Michigan State University
Neelam Patel Neelam Patel
Computational Science MS
San Diego State University
Kevin Procopio Kevin Procopio
Engineering/Scientific Computing MS
University of Pennsylvania
David Huff David Huff
Computer Science BS
New Mexico Tech
Kristin Mackowski Kristin Mackowski
Mechanical Engineering BS
New Mexico Tech
Xinyu Chen Xinyu Chen
Computer Science PhD
University of New Mexico
Yuliana Zamora Yuliana Zamora
Civil Engineering BS
Cornell University
Fall 2016:  Georgia Institute of Technology MS program