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Data Science at Scale Summer School

Using big data technologies to gain insights from scientific data.


  • Program Co-Lead
  • David Rogers
  • Program Co-Lead
  • Terry Turton
  • Program Co-Lead
  • Ollie Lo
  • Program Co-Lead
  • Jesus Pulido

School Inquiries  

The Los Alamos National Laboratory's Data Science at Scale Summer School was inaugurated in 2013 to recruit outstanding students to the laboratory to participate in data intensive science projects. Particular focus is placed on using big data technologies to gain insights from scientific data. Although most students are present at the lab for 10-12 weeks in the June to August timeframe, the schedule is flexible to meet individual needs and the school is active year round.

The program is affiliated with the Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI).


Outstanding upper-level undergraduate or graduate students in computer science, data science, math, or statistics or applied computational science are encouraged to apply for (paid) internships in the Data Science at Scale Summer School.

Students work together with computer and application scientists to produce prototypes that solve data intensive scientific problems of interest to the laboratory. Summer interns will learn hands-on by engaging in scientific research using visualization and data analysis technologies. Their code and reports are (usually) published as open source and composed into a suite of programs that help characterize the growing data intensive science workload at Los Alamos.  Students will have opportunities to work on high performance computing clusters, apply visualization tools, and gain experience in communicating their work through discussions and weekly presentations.  Students will attend seminars by LANL researchers and external visitors.   


This multidisciplinary program is designed for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students from all science, math, computer science, and technology fields who are interested in gaining insight into scientific data.  Experience with programming (C++, VTK, VTK-m, Python) is encouraged. 

Students will work one-on-one with mentors & co-mentors or in small collaboration teams. 

Application Process

To apply, you will need to submit the following materials:

  • Cover letter detailing your background and how an internship in the DSS Summer School will forward your career goals
  • Current resume / CV
  • Unofficial university transcripts (official transcripts will be required if a position is offered and accepted)

DSS Summer School applications are through jobs.lanl.gov.  Please apply to the appropriate posting:

  • IRC115373: Data Science at Scale Summer School Graduate Intern
  • IRC115427: Data Science at Scale Summer School UndergraduateIntern

Application Deadline: February 28, 2023.

For priority consideration, please apply by February 1st. Applications that do not include all three required items (cover letter, resume/CV and unofficial transcripts) may not receive a complete review. 

Note: please do not include personal information such as SSN or DOB in your application materials. 

Review process

The review process begins once a complete application is submitted.  Applications are shared with all mentors.  Mentors are responsible for contacting applicants for interviews and subsequent offers.  Due to the volume of applicants, not all applicants will be contacted.  The review process is generally concluded by March 30. 

Duration & Location

The 2023 program will take place in the June - August time frame.  The DSS Summer School plans a hybrid school where students are able to work either locally or remotely. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be accepted to or enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate degree program.
  • Must meet LANL requirements of a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.2/4.0
  • Must be available to live and work in the United States.


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See our FAQs Page or if your question is not covered, you can contact us at ds-school@lanl.gov.