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Applied Machine Learning Summer Research Fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Program Lead
  • Nick Lubbers
  • Program Co-Lead
  • Youzuo Lin
  • Program Co-Lead
  • Diane Oyen
  • Program Co-Lead
  • Lissa Moore
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Brittney Vigil

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Are non-U.S. citizens eligible?

Research Fellows are not required to be U.S. citizens. However, LANL will not sponsor a work visa for this summer program. Generally, this means that applicants should already have a U.S. visa that allows them to work as an intern (such as a student visa with CPT).

Are Postdoctoral Researchers eligible?

Unfortunately, our Summer Research Fellowship is only for students. LANL does not generally hire non-students for short-term research positions. We do sponsor some workshops and conferences which might be of interest to postdocs both for the technical content and for networking with LANL and other national lab scientists. You can see a list here http://cnls.lanl.gov/External/workshops.php.

I will graduate in May or June 2021. Am I eligible?

If you are planning to continue your studies, then you are eligible. If you will no longer be a student after May 2021, then you might not be eligible for this fellowship, and it might not be in your best interest because the student fellowship does not provide longer-term employment at LANL. However, if you apply and it turns out that you are a strong candidate for one of the research projects but cannot do the student fellowship, then at least we have your application package on file and you might be contacted by a LANL researcher outside of the fellowship program.