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The IS&T seminars on various information science and technology topics are held every Wednesday from 3-4 PM at the CNLS Conference Room unless otherwise noted.


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Date Speaker Org/Institution Host Title of Presentation


Jason Liu

Florida International Unversity

Stephan Eidenbenz

HPC Demand Response


Rajesh Raganath

New York University

Earl Lawrence

Black Box Variational Inference: Scalable, Generic Bayesian Computation and its Applications


Nikolai Sinitsyn

LANL (T-4)

Daniel O’Malley

Quantum Annealing and Quantum Explosives


Carleton Coffrin


Daniel O’Malley



Natesh Ganesh

University of Massachusetts

Stephan Eidenbenz



Tapio Schneider


Nathan Urban

Earth System Modeling 2.0: Toward Accurate and Actionable Climate Predictions with Quantified Uncertainties


Michael Krajecki and Arnaud Renard

Universite de Reims Champagne

Christoph Junghans and Robert Pavel

RomeoLAB: A High-Performance Training Platform for HPC, GPU, and Deep Learning


Yigit Subasi


Daniel O’Malley



Rajarshi Guhaniyogi

University of California- Santa Cruz

Devin Francom

A Divide-and-Conquer Bayesian Approach to Large-Scale Kriging

FY18 Speakers
Date Speaker Org/Institution Host Title of Presentation
1/23/18 Phillipe Pebay NexGen Analytics John Patchett Efficient Visualization and Analysis of Large-Scale, Tree-Based, Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations with Rectilinear Geometry
3/28/18 Patrick Taylor Missouri University of Science and Technology Chris Rawlings or Daniel Tauritz Effective Learning and Control in Biologically Realistic Spiking Neural Network Simulations
4/25/18 Cindy Bolme, Jim Ahrens, David Walters, Earl Lawrence, David Rogers, Richard Sandberg M-9. CCS-7, CCS-6, MPA-CINT Kary Myers Real-Time Adaptive Acceleration of Dynamic Experimental Science
5/23/18 Minsu Choi Missouri University of Science and Technology Chris Rawlings or Daniel Tauritz Efficient Quasi-Stochastic Computing in FPGA for Parallelism, Scalability, and Programmability
6/4/18 Sharen Cummins CSIRO Australia Tim Germann Computational Modelling at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
6/13/18 Joseph Schoonover Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences and the Space Weather Prediction Center Hai Ah Nam High Order Fluids Modeling on Multi-GPU Systems
7/11/18 Godehard Sutmann Institute for Advanced Simulation, Julich Gemany Christoph Junghans Adaptive Dynamic Load-Balancing for Parallel Particle Simulations
7/18/18 Hank Childs University of Oregon Li-Ta Lo (Ollie) In Situ Processing: Instantiations, Opportunities, and Challenges
7/25/18 Allen Sanderson University of Utah Pascal Grosset Teasing out Ephemeral Data for In Situ Visualization and Analysis
7/25/18 Paul Navratil University of Texas at Austin David Rogers Seeing the Future: Visual Analysis in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing
8/7/18 Qiang Guan Kent State University Li-ta Lo Tensorview: In Situ Visualization of Convolutional Neural Networks
8/8/18 Kate Isaacs University of Arizona John Patchett Enabling Fine-Grained Exploration of Application Performance through Visualization
8/22/18 Michela Taufer University of Tennessee, Knoxville Chris Biwer In Situ Data Analytics for Next Generation Molecular Dynamics Workflows
11/20/18 Marouane Kessentini University of Michigan Gophinath Chennupait Predicting, Detecting, and Fixing Technical Debt via Computational Intelligence
11/28/18 Jeff Regier University of California,  Berkeley Nathan Urban Cataloging the Visible Universe through Approximate Bayesian Inference
12/10/18 Tushar Athawale University of Utah James Ahrens Statistical Analysis for Qualification and Visualization of Spatial Variability in Features of Uncertain Data
FY17 Speakers
Date Speaker Org/Institution Host Title of Presentation
8/23/17 Nicholas Polys Virginia Tech Curt Canada Immersive Analytics: New Approaches to Scaling High-Performance Visualization
8/02/17 George Markowsky Missouri S&T Curt Canada The Metric at the End of the Rainbow
7/12/17 Kate Keahey Argonne National Laboratory Curt Canada Chameleon: A Deeply Reconfigurable, Large Scale Instrument for Computer Science Experimentation
7/12/17 Dr. T. Alan Keahey Conversant Media Curt Canada Bridging the Scale Gap Between Visual Perception and Big Data
6/7/17 Dr. Simone Silvestri Missouri S&T Chris Rawlings
5/31/17 Christopher Barrett Virginia Bioinformation Institute Stephan Eidenbenz
5/24/17 Barry Smith State University of New York Benjamin Sims The Evolving Ontology Landscape
5/24/17 (2pm-3pm) Sam White Charmworks, Inc Christoph Junghans Adaptive MPI: Dynamic Runtime Support for MPI Applications
5/23/17 (1pm-2pm) Phil Miller Charmworks, Inc Christoph Junghans Charm++ for Production Parallel Programming
5/2/17 (11am-12pm) Jonathan Mace Brown University Carleton Coffrin Towards a Tracing Plane for Distributed Systems
3/15/17 Dr. Allon Percus Claremont Graduate University Gowri Srinivasan Network Classification in Rocks and on Roads
3/8/17 Horacio Vargas Guzman Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research Christoph Junghans Scalable and Fast Heterogeneous Molecular Simulation with Predictive Parallelization Schemes
3/8/17 Christopher Biwer Syracuse University Curt Canada The Search for Binary Neutron Star and Black Hole Mergers in Advanced LIGO
2/22/17 Daniel Tartakovsky Stanford University Gowri Srinivasan Quantitative Forecasting for Energy Applications
2/8/17 Yongchao Yang LANL/Engineering Institute NSEC Full-field Imaging and Modeling of Structural Dynamics from Digital Videos
1/25/17 Phil Ames Google Carleton Coffrin Scalable Modern Security
1/23/17 Tamara Broderick Massachusetts Institute of Technology Amy Larson Fast Quantification of Uncertainty and Robustness with Variational Bayes
1/18/17 Christian Reidys Virginia Bioinformation Institute Stephan Eidenbenz Biocomplexity
FY16 Speakers
Date Speaker Org/Institution Host Title of Presentation
12/16/2016 Robert Fowler University of North Carolina Curt Canada An Approach to Productivity and Performance Portability Through Domain-specific Optimization of C++
12/07/2016 Cory Lanker Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory James Theiler Improving hyperspectral detection of solids using spectral features
11/30/2016 Laura McNamara Sandia National Laboratory Curt Canada Our Analytic Systems are (Mostly) Failing End Users … But the Problem is Fixable!
11/16/2016 Kody Law Oak Ridge National Laboratory Nathan Urban Bayesian Computation: Inverse problems, Data Assimilation, and Machine Learning
11/09/2016 Claire Guilbaud CEA/DAM-Ile de France, France Curt Canada LOVE: Large Object Visualisation Environment
10/12/2016 Gunther Weber Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Curt Canada Topological Analysis at the Extreme Scale: Finding Features in Large Data Sets
09/28/2016 Laura McNamara Sandia National Laboratory Curt Canada TBD
09/21/2016 Daniel Vacanti Christoph Junghans Kansan Crash Course: From Novice to Expert in 60 Minutes
09/15/2016 Gopinath Chennupati Los Alamos National Laboratory Stephan Eidenbenz Grammatical Evolution + Multi-Cores = Automatic Parallel Programming!
09/14/2016 Stanley Rotman Ben-Gurion University James Theiler Remote Sensing Change Detection for Disaster Management
09/06/2016 Matthew Larsen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Curt Canada TBD
08/31/2016 Patricia Crossno Sandia National Laboratory Curt Canada Slycat™ Analysis and Visualization
08/17/2016 *Special Time 10:00am* Nathan Cahill Rochester Institute of Technology James Theiler Semi-Supervised Graph-Based Methods for Image Segmentation and Classification
08/17/2016 Torsten Hoefler ETH Zurich Christoph Junghans Model-Driven Automatic GPU Compilation and Why You Want to Run MPI on Your GPU
08/15/2016 Oxana Chkrebtii Ohio State University Nate Urbina Uncertainty Quantification for Dynamical Systems without Closed Form Solutions
07/28/2016 Richard Barret Sandia National Laboratory Robert Robey TBD
07/27/2016 Kerstin Kleve van Dam Brookhaven National Laboratory Curt Canada TBD
07/27/2016 Niall Adams Imperial College London Melissa Turcotte Adaptive Estimation for Change Point Detection in Continuous Monitoring
07/20/2016 Kenny Gruchalla NREL; Scientific Visualization Curt Canada TBD
07/20/2016 Srinivasa Narayan Intel Labs John George Beyond Machine Learning: Neuromorphic Computing
07/13/2016 Klus Miller Stony Brook University and SUNY Korea Curt Canada Big Data Visual Analytics
06/13/2016 Stephen Guerin Santa Fe Institute Bob Robey SimTable Demonstration
06/1/2016 Chris Rozell Georgia Institute of Technology Garrett Kenyon TBD
05/11/2016 Ronnie Mainieri Permissionbit Aric Hagberg A Compact Representation for Detecting Malware
03/23/2016 Roland Faller University of California, Davis Christoph Junghans Multiscale modeling of soft matter and its Integration to Experiment
1-2 p.m.
Debashish Mukherji Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research Stephan Eidenbenz Co-non-solvency: Soft, Smart Responsive Systems in Solvent Mixtures
03/7/2016 10-11 a.m. Ross Maciejewski Arizona State University Curt Canada Enabling Predictive Analytics Through Visualization
03/7/2016 9-10 a.m. Ariane Middel Arizona State University Curt Canada How to stay cool in the desert—Examples of urban climate research at the local and micro-scale
02/10/2016 Roxana Bujack University of California, Davis Curt Canada Moment Invariants in Flow Visualization
02/01/2016 Oxana Chkrebtii Ohio State University Nathan Urban Uncertainty quantification for dynamical systems without closed form solutions
01/21/2016 Vladimir Braverman Johns Hopkins University Curt Canada Beating CountSketch for Heavy Hitters in Insertion Streams
01/13/2016 Joachim Bunhmann Institute for Machine Learning ETH Zurich Stephan Eidenbenz Information theory of algorithms: How precisely should we compute in Big Data Settings
12/09/2015 Jasper van de Gronde University of Groningen Curt Canada Data Analysis and Filtering through Connected Mathematical Morphology
12/02/2015 Alessandro Foi Pampere University of Technology Brendt Wohlberg Image Denoising
11/24/2015 Ruediger Urbanke Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne Mark Vuffray Teaching An Old Code A New Trick
11/18/2015 Alina Zare University of Missouri James Theiler Multiple Instance Learning Approaches for Target Characterization
10/21/2015 Dr. Lav R. Varshney University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Frank Alexander Chef Watson and the Mathematical Limits of Creativity
09/09/2015 Miguel Velez-Reyes University of Texas at El Paso James Theiler Integrating Spatial and Spectral Information in Hyperspectral Image Processing
FY15 Speakers
Date Speaker Org/Institution Host Title of Presentation
10/08/2014 John L. Gustafson Ceranovo, Inc. Curt Canada The End of Numerical Error
11/05/2014 Patrick Rubin-Delanchy University of Bristol Melissa Turcotte Dynamic Network Data: Applications, Challenges, Results
11/10/2014 Peter Coveney University College London Frank Alexander Computational Biomedicine: A Challenge for the Twenty-First Century
12/10/2014 Sajal K. Das Missouri University of Science and Technology Alex Kent/Daniel Tauritz Securing Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructures in Smart Living Environments
01/21/2015 Robert Ryne Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Frank Alexander Large-Scale Simulation of 3D Radiative Phenomena using a Lienard-Wiechert Particle-Mesh Method
02/11/2015 Hamish Carr University of Leeds Curt Canada Fiber Surfaces: Generalizing Isosurfaces to Bivariate Data
02/18/2015 Hamid Krim North Carolona State University James Theiler Efficient Analysis of High Dimensional Data: A Geometric Perspective
03/25/2015 Mark J. Embrechts Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Donald Dudziak A Brief History of Big Data Analytics
04/22/2015 June Zhang Carnegie Mellon University David Mascarenas Impact of Topology on Dynamical ProcessesOver Networks
06/10/2015 Kathleen Knobe Rice University Susan Mniszewski Concurrent Collections for Both Productivity and Parallel Performance
06/17/2015 Cecilia Aragon University of Washington Curt Canada The Hearts and Minds of Data Science
06/24/2015 Cindy Rubio-Gonzalez University of California, Davis Curt Canada Scalable Program Analyses to Improve Software Reliability
07/01/2015 Kenneth Moreland Sandia National Laboratories Curt Canada High Performance Visualization in the Many-Core Era
07/15/2015 Terece Turton University of Texas at Austin Curt Canada Using Qualtrics & Amazon Mechanical Turk for User Testing and Validation of Colormaps for Scientific Visualization
07/22/2015 Wu Chun Feng Virginia Tech Curt Canada An Ecosystem for the New HPC: Heterogeneous Parallel Computing
07/29/2015 Gagan Agrawal Ohio State University Curt Canada Programmability, Performance, and Dealing with Memory Constraints in In-Situ Analytics
08/04/15"Special" 9:30-10:30AM Kate Starbird University of Washington Reid Priedhorsky Uncovering the Dynamics of Online Rumoring during Crisis Events: A Multi-Dimensional Signature Approach
08/05/2015 "Special" 1:30-2:30PM Dan Keefe University of Minnesota Curt Canada Magical User Interfaces: Interactive Computing for Scientific Visualization and Art
08/05/2015 Stanley Rotman Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel James Theiler Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery: When Less or More
08/12/2015 Bill Howe University of Washington Curt Canada Myria/Kamook: Federated Big Data Programming across HPC and Enterprise Environments
08/17/2015 "Special" 2:00-3:00PM Torsten Moeller University of Vienna Curt Canada Advancing Science Through Visual Reasoning
08/26/2015 Satoshi Matsuoka Tokyo Institute of Technology Curt Canada The Inevitable End of Moore's Law beyond Exascale will Result in Data and HPC Convergence
FY14 Speakers
Date Speaker Org/Institution Host Title of Presentation
12/11/2013 Ethan Rossi University of Rochester Jenni Disterhaupt High Resolution Retinal Imaging with Adaptive Optics: Clinical Applications and New Technologies for the Study of Visual Function
12/18/2013 Cliff Joslyn Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Frank Alexander Semantic Graph Database Analytics: Complex is the New Big Data
02/05/2014 >Sriram Chellappan Missouri University of Science and Technology Alex Kent/Mike Fisk Assessing Human Behavior for Internet Usage with Applications to Cyber Security
03/04/2014 David Thompson Kitware Curt Canada Sublinear Sampling for Exploratory Visualization
03/12/2014 Lori Dalton Ohio State University Frank Alexander/Turab Lookman Optimal and Predictive Classification and Error Estimation
03/26/2014 James Davis University of California, Santa Cruz Reid Porter Understanding Image-based Data Using Human Computation
04/16/2014 Doug Allaire Texas A&M University Frank Alexander A Composition-based Approach to Uncertainty Quantification with Connections to Multi-information Source Optimization
04/30/2014 Bruce McMillin Missouri University of Science and Technology Alex Kent Information Flow Properties for Security in Cyber-Physical Systems
06/18/2014 Michael Robinson American University Frank Alexander A Unified Framework for Multi-INT Signal Processing
07/02/2014 Remco Chang Tufts University Curt Canada Analyzing User Interactions for Data and User Modeling
07/16/2014 Gregory Abram The University of Texas at Austin Curt Canada Rendering: OpenGL vs Ray Tracing
07/23/2014 Ken Joy University of California, Davis Curt Canada Some Hard Problems in Visualization
07/30/2014 Bernd Hamann University of California, Davis Curt Canada Mathematical, Visual and Interactive Methods for the Processing and Analysis of Scientific Data
08/06/2014 Yanif Ahmad Johns Hopkins University Curt Canada Towards Data On Tap: Data Views for Continuous Data Workflow and Exploration Systems
08/13/2014 Bernice Rogowitz Visual Perspectives Curt Canada Visualization and Visual Representation: Nuggets of Wisdom from Research in Vision and Cognition
08/20/2014 Kristin Potter University of Oregon Curt Canada Statistical Uncertainty: From Quantification to Visualization 



Mike Kirby University of Utah Curt Canada Lessons from the Search For "Verifiable Visualizations"



Ross Whitaker University of Utah Curt Canada Why You Should (Probably) Not be Doing "Uncertainty Visualization"
09/03/2014 Scott Ferson Applied Biomathematics Kari Sentz Accounting for Doubt about the Model in Risk and Uncertainty Analyses
09/10/2014 Hank Childs University of Oregon Curt Canada Exascale Computing, Flow Visualization, and Data Exploration: A Strategy for Achieving All Three
09/24/2014 Guillaume Belanger European Space Agency Curt Canada A Statistical Exploration of the INTEGRAL Data Archive