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Rediscovering Ising

ISTI solicits Rapid Response Research Proposals on the topic of Rediscovering Ising: Our New D-Wave 2000Q.


  • Institute Director
  • Stephan Eidenbenz
  • (505) 667-3742
  • Email
  • Deputy Director
  • Melissa Turcotte
  • (505) 695-3064
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Research Presentations

Submission Deadline is July 15, 2019.

September 19th, 2019: 9:00am-12:00pm; MSL Auditorium

  • Introduction Rapid Response "Rediscovering Ising", S. Eidenbenz (ISTI/ NSEC)
  • Targeting the Protein Folding Problem on Quantum Annealers, S. Chakraborty (T-6/CNLS) Slides (LANL Only) (pdf)
  • Towards Fighting Biothreats with D-Wave: The RNA Inverse Folding Problem, K. Sanbonmatsu (T-6) 
  • The Great Tantalizer Puzzle Solved with D-Wave, A. Lopez-Bezanilla (T-4)
  • Rediscovering Ising: Exploring and Learning Solid Energy Landscapes, M. Pettes (MPA/CINT)
  • Nuclear Fission with D-Wave 2000Q, N. Fotiadis (P-27) Slides (LANL Only) (pdf)
  • Sparse Coding on D-Wave, B. Yoon (CCS-7) Slides (LANL only) (pdf)
  • Understanding Quenching, Pausing, and Reverse Annealing, H. Djidjev (CCS-3) Slides (LANL only) (pdf)
  • Impact of Reverse Anneal and Anneal Quench Schedules on D-Wave Sample Distributions, A. Baertschi, A. Lokhov (NSEC/ T-5)
  • Reverse Annealing for Matrix Factorization, J. Golden (EES-16) Slides (LANL only) (pdf)
  • Solving Linear Systems on Quantum Annealers, M. Rogers (XCP-8) Slides (LANL only) (pdf)
  • Exploring the Potential of Annealing Offsets in Discrete Optimization Applications, S. Misra (T-5) Slides (LANL only) (pdf)