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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

ISTI solicits proposals for small but crucial projects in support of new, high-risk ideas, feasibility studies, or other basic R&D in support of upcoming proposal opportunities across the spectrum of LANL programs
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September 13, 2021: 9:00am – 1:15pm
Location: Oppenheimer Study Center, Jemez/Cochiti Rooms & WebEx
Rapid Response Research Call for Proposals
Printable agenda (pdf)

Rapid Response – Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 

  • Machine Learning for Hyperspectral X-ray Imaging Analysis / Matthew Carpenter
  • Securing our Technical Leadership in Hierarchical Watersheds / Reid Porter
  • Unbiased Reconstruction of Lossy-compressed Statistical Data / Boram Yoon
  • AI Enhanced Discretization’s for High-Fidelity Physics Simulations / Peter Brady
  • Adaptive Machine Learning-based Real-time 3D Inversion of Coherent Diffraction Imaging / Alexander Scheinker
  • Data-driven Models of Adsorption Equilibria of Multi-component Mixtures in Porous Materials / Mohamed Mehana

Rapid Response – Computational and Data Integrity

  • Explanations as Defense: Detecting Adversarial Inputs to Machine Learning Models / Lissa Moore
  • Private and Verifiable Model Evaluation using Secure Multiparty Computation and Zero-knowledge / Michael Dixon
  • Boosting in Deep Semi-supervised Learning with Multi-view Redundant Information / Juan Castorena
  • Wildfire Reburns and Diminishing Returns of Existing Forest Management Policies / Kurt Solander
  • Performance Modeling of Scientific Codes on Machine Learning Accelerators / Li Tang