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  • Computer System, Cluster, and Networking Summer Institute

    Class of 2015

    Computer System, Cluster, and Networking Summer Institute

  • Viz Collab

    Viz Collab

    Scientific collaboration and educational resource for visualizing data

What is ISTI?

The Information Science & Technology Institute (ISTI) enables the execution of Laboratory's institutional IS&T pillar through revitalization of technical IS&T areas, recruiting, and retention of IS&T staff. Learn more about ISTI.
We encourage Laboratory staff to contact us for help, advice, or funding for new IS&T initiatives. Send email to isti@lanl.gov.


Invitation to Participate in the 2017 ISTI Data Challenge

Hosted by the Information Science and Technology Institute (isti.lanl.gov) in collaboration with the Intelligence and Emerging Threats Program Office.

Take the following steps to gain access to the ISTI data challenge web site:

Note for Foreign nationals only: Email your Z number to kary@lanl.gov and request the “CCS Collaboration” OCE role to access Darwin.
Step 1: Go to https://darwin.lanl.gov/ and log in with your moniker and cryptocard. If you don’t know your moniker, you can look it up at https://register.lanl.gov/findname/index.php​ (it’s in the “Owner UserID” field).
Step 2: Email kary@lanl.gov to say you’ve completed Step 1.
Step 3: You’ll receive an email when you’ve been added to the ISTI Data Challenge project so that you can access the data and forum as well as slides from the kickoff meeting.

What are the goals of the challenge?

  • Discover new science and insights from challenging LANL data sets, including network and computer events from LANL’s enterprise network and physical sensor measurements from the Trinity supercomputer’s open science phase.
  • Showcase and test novel and established data science methods and tools.
  • Support training and professional development in data science through “prizes” of program development funds for participants.
  • Prepare the workforce for future efforts in data analytics.

What is the format?

  • Get an overview of the challenge data sets at the kickoff meeting April 6 where domain experts will introduce the kinds of questions they’d like to answer with their data.
  • Choose one or more challenge data sets to explore using methods you think will provide insights — e.g., visualization, machine learning, signal processing, statistics, or another strategy.
  • Work individually or as a team on questions you define for the challenge data sets you choose.
  • Present your results in a debrief session May 18, six weeks after the kickoff meeting, to be considered for one of the awards.

A panel of judges will evaluate the presentations and award two or more “prizes" of program development funds to be used toward training or professional development in data science in FY2017.

Who can participate?

Current LANL staff, postdocs, and students.

What’s the period of performance?

  • Kickoff meeting: Thursday, April 6, 10:30-12:30, MSL Auditorium (TA-3, Building 1698, Room A103).
  • Six weeks to explore the challenge data sets of your choice.
  • Final presentations: Thursday, May 18, 1:30-4:30 p.m., MSL Auditorium.

Questions? Contact Kary Myers, kary@lanl.gov.

Limited funding is available for those who need it to participate.

ISTI is a part of the National Security Education Center (nsec.lanl.gov).

Rapid Response D-Wave Effort Debrief

You’re invited to attend the debriefs for ISTI’s Rapid Response D-Wave Effort: 1-5 p.m., Thursday, April 27, 2017, MSL Auditorium.

IS&T Seminar Series

IS&T seminars are usually held Wednesday 3 pm and feature Laboratory-internal and external speakers on IS&T topics. ISTI provides support for external speakers. Send email to isti@lanl.gov to nominate a speaker.

FY2017 Speakers
DateSpeakerOrg/InstitutionHostTitle of Presentation
6/7/17 Dr. Simone Silvestri Missouri S&T Chris Rawlings
5/31/17 Christopher Barrett Virginia Bioinformation Institute Stephan Eidenbenz
5/24/17 Barry Smith State University of New York Benjamin Sims The Evolving Ontology Landscape
5/24/17 (2pm-3pm) Sam White Charmworks, Inc Christoph Junghans Adaptive MPI: Dynamic Runtime Support for MPI Applications
5/23/17 (1pm-2pm) Phil Miller Charmworks, Inc Christoph Junghans Charm++ for Production Parallel Programming

ISTI Summer Schools

Summer schools are educational internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Visit the summer schools page for more information. ISTI organizes, sponsors, and/or co-sponsors the following summer schools:

IS&T Workshops

ISTI organizes, sponsors, or co-sponsors Laboratory-led workshops in IS&T areas relevant to the Laboratory's mission. More information on the Workshops page. FY16 workshops include:

University Collaborations

University collaborations in the IS&T area at the Laboratory are intended to build a strong relationships that result in recruiting pipelines, intellectual property and proposal teams for external funding.

    • CMU: Failure at Scale
    • UCD: Visualization
    • UCSC: File systems
    • Missouri S&T: Cyber security
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