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Past Events and Tours

Information about previous events and tours


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Students have a unique opportunity to learn about the Lab directly from our top scientists and participate in facility tours.

Past Events and Tours


Mon. June 9

MSL Auditorium

Gordon Jarvinen, NSEC

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Around the World

Wed. June 11

MSL Auditorium

David L. Clark, NSEC

Plutonium Chemistry

Mon. June 16

Study Center

Hari Viswanathan, EES-16

Hydraulic Fracturing:  Working Fluids, Rocks, Fractures and Hydrocarbons

Wed. June 18

Physics Auditorium

Jeff Pietryga, C-PCS

Using Nanomaterials to Harness the Power of the Sun: Research at CASP

Mon. June 23

Study Center

Sam Clegg, C-PCS

Exploring Mars with ChemCam on the Curiosity Rover

Wed. June 25

MSL Auditorium

Chuck Farrar, NSEC

Structural Health Monitoring

Fri. June 27

NHMFL Tour, 10 am

Chuck Mielke, MPA-CMMS

Register:  tours@lanl.gov

Mon. June 30

Study Center

Richard Sayre, B-11

Biofuels Production from Algae

Wed. July 2

Physics Auditorium

John Carpenter, MST-6

Building the Iron Man Suit: The Science Behind Lightweight, Damage-tolerant Nanocomposites

Mon. July 7

Study Center

Nathan McDowell, EES-14

Accelerating Global Forest Mortality

Wed. July 9

Physics Auditorium

Ellen Cerreta, MST-8

Working Towards the Next Generation of Damage Tolerant Materials

Fri. July 11

Lujan Tour

Mark Bourke, LANSCE-LC

Register:  tours@lanl.gov

Mon. July 14

Study Center

Stephen Price, T-3

Ice Sheets and Sea Level Rise in Earth System Models

Wed. July 16

Physics Auditorium

Kristin Omberg, MPA-CINT

Detecting Bioterrorism

Fri. July 18

Physics Auditorium

Quanxi Jia, MPA-CINT

Polymer-Assisted Deposition: One simple Process, a Large Number of Electronic Materials

Mon. July 21

Study Center, 2 pm

David Chavez, WX-7

Developing Novel Materials for Energetic Materials Applications

Mon. July 21

Study Center, 4 pm

Mary Neu, OPS-SIO

Career Transitions Panel Discussion

Wed. July 23

Physics Auditorium

Amy Clarke, MST-6

Multi-scale Prediction and Control of Metals During Solidification

Fri. July 25



Register:  tours@lanl.gov

Mon. July 28

Study Center

Raymond Newell, P-21

Quantum Cryptography: Using Physics to Keep Secrets Safe

Wed. July 30

Physics Auditorium

David Bowman, WX-DO

An Overview of the Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test (DARHT) Facility

Fri. Aug. 1


David Bowman, WX-DO

Register:  tours@lanl.gov

Wed. Aug. 6

Research Park, Courtyard

Ice Cream Social