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Journal Articles

  • Stull, C.J., Taylor, S. G., Wren, J., Mascarenas, D.L., Farrar, C. R., “Real-Time Condition Assessment of the Raptor Telescope System,” accepted for publication in ASCE J. of Structural Engineering (theme issue on applications of structural health monitoring to in situ structures).
  • J. H. Park, J.T. Kim, G.S. Hong, D. Mascarenas, J. P. Lynch, “Autonomous smart sensor nodes for global and local damage detection of prestressed concrete bridges based on accelerations and impedance measurements,” Smart Structures and Systems, 2010, 6(5-6) pp 711-730.
  • S. G. Taylor, K. M, Farinholt, G. Park, M. D. Todd and C. R. Farrar, “Multi-scale wireless sensor node for health monitoring of civil infrastructure and mechanical systems," Smart Structures and Systems, 2010; 6(5-6), pp. 661-673.
  • K.M. Farinholt, N. Miller, W. Sifuentes, J. MacDonald, G. Park, and C.R. Farrar, “Energy Harvesting and Wireless Energy Transmission for Embedded SHM Sensor Nodes," International Journal of Structural Health Monitoring, 2010; 9(3), pp.269-280.
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