Los Alamos National LaboratoryFUTURE: Fundamental Understanding of Transport Under Reactor Extremes
An Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences


The staff of FUTURE features scientists, students, and administrators from leading research institutions in the world, including national laboratories and universities.


The science targeted by FUTURE requires a variety of techniques, both experimental and modeling, along with the associated expertise for success. Our scientists lead the way, developing the research plan and spearheading the scientific directions. View the FUTURE staff members here.


Postdocs do the hard work of delivering on the science.  View the FUTURE postdocs here.


A key aspect of any large project such as FUTURE is developing the next generation of researchers.  View the FUTURE students here.


Science in a project like FUTURE is only enabled with the help of people behind the scenes that keep the wheels turning. View the FUTURE administrators here.

Advisory Boards

To ensure that the science staff of FUTURE do not become too narrow in their focus and miss important directions or ideas, we have enlisted a team of world leaders to advise our project.  View the FUTURE Advisory Boards here.


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