Material Science and Nuclear Science

National security depends on science and technology. The United States relies on Los Alamos National Laboratory for the best of both. No place on Earth pursues a broader array of world-class scientific endeavors. The Lab's four Science Pillars harness capabilities for solutions to threats— on national and global scales.


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Material Science

At Los Alamos, we pursue the discovery science and engineering required to establish design principles, synthesis pathways, and manufacturing processes to control functionality in materials relevant to ensuring the U.S. nuclear deterrent, reducing global threats, and solving energy security challenges.

Los Alamos' vision for its Materials Science Pillar is intentional control of the functionality materials. Six key areas of leadership are:

  • Materials Dynamics
  • Actinide and Correlated Electron Materials
  • Energetic Materials
  • Complex Functional Materials
  • Materials in Radiation Extremes
  • and Integrated Nano-Materials

Nuclear Science

The Nuclear and Particle sciences strategy focuses on the research required to maintain Los Alamos as the premier laboratory in United States for “all things nuclear.”

The Nuclear and Particle Futures (NPF) Pillar is composed of four major thrusts:

  • Nuclear, Particle, Astrophysics, and Cosmology (NPAC),
  • Applied Nuclear Science and Engineering (ANSE),
  • High Energy Density Plasmas and Fluids (HEDPF), and
  • Accelerators and Electrodynamics (AE).

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