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Commercial Opportunities

Ventilator Testbed
November 2020

Los Alamos National Laboratory developed a Ventilator Testbed to help address ventilator manufacturing challenges. The Testbed aims to contribute timely and technically relevant feedback on observed ventilator performance and to help mitigate supply chain limitations by providing system and component level alternatives that preserve ventilator performance and cost point. Read more

The Technology Readiness Gross Receipts Initiative (TRGR)
August 2020

The Technology Readiness Gross Receipts Initiative provides New Mexico businesses the opportunity to work directly with scientists and engineers at Los Alamos or Sandia National laboratories to advance technologies licensed from or developed in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Los Alamos or Sandia National laboratories past the invention stage to market ready technology. Read more

Tech Snapshots

Los Alamos has identified a broad range of technologies that could enhance an existing product, define a new product, or launch a start-up. Our technologies have the potential to give your company a competitive edge in the market. Each are at different stages of development some ready to license and others looking for a partner to help mature into a disruptive application. Check out the Technology Snapshot platform to explore the wide variety of technologies available.

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Who We Are

The Feynman Center drives Los Alamos innovation as an essential part of our national security mission by:

  • Accelerating connections between research, corporate, and entrepreneurial communities,
  • Building partnerships and mechanisms that deliver our technology to solve our nation’s biggest challenges, and
  • Creating a trusted external network to extend and enhance the Laboratory’s ability to meet core mission.


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Technology Engagement and Entrepreneurship

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Licensing (acting)