DIsco is PC software for dynamically operating Teledyne Isco D-Series syringe pumps.

Available for Licensing  

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DIsco is PC software for dynamically operating Teledyne Isco D-Series syringe pumps. Core features of DIsco include interfacing with multiple pumps and pump controllers, real-time data plotting, continuous data acquisition and storage, advanced pump routine programming, and external data referencing. This software was developed for research and process control applications ranging from basic data acquisition to advanced automated hydraulic control systems. Pump routines developed for DIsco can be imported and exported for easy sharing between users. A basic command and routine library is included.

Basic Features:

  • Automatic pump detection for serial communication
  • Continuous pump data and status acquisition
  • Remotely control multiple pumps and multiple pump controllers
  • View real time pump status with plotting and matrix views
  • Name pumps for easy identification
  • Date stamp in output file
  • Emergency STOP ALL function
  • Compatible with most Teledyne ISCO syringe pumps

System Requirements:

  • Windows operating system
  • RS-232 serial
  • Teledyne Isco D-Series syringe pumps

Advanced Features:

Embedded pump routine editor for customized applications

  • Scheduling
  • Conditional programming
  • Loop programming
  • Variable math
  • Access to DASNET serial commands
  • Sharable routines (import/export using CSV files)

External CSV (comma separated value) file query

  • Reference external measurements such as displacement, temperature, and strain
  • Useful for advanced pump control

Simplified serial commands

  • Easily change pump mode
  • Easily reposition remote controlled valves
  • Easily switch from outflow (+) to refill (-) mode
  • Command library included


Disco can be downloaded here under a no-cost license from Los Alamos National Laboratory for personal and academic use.

After downloading the file, follow the instructions provided in the Disco User Guide for installing the software.

For more information about the software, please contact Luke Frash at lfrash@lanl.gov or (505) 667-1260.

A commercial license is required for any use beyond personal, informal use.  If you would like to acquire a license, please contact Feynman Center via email at: software@lanl.gov.