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The D.R.E.A.M. Project


Members of the D.R.E.A.M. Team

ISR - 1: Space Science and Applications

Geoffrey Reeves (PI):

General project management, Kalman filter, diffusion code, radiation belt dynamics

Tom Cayton:

Data intercalibration, GPS data

Yue Chen:

Empirical field models, phase space density matching

Reiner Friedel:

PSD matching, data intercalibration, Kalman filter, diffusion code (Salammbo), HANE and magnetospheric models

S Peter Gary:

HANE physics, PIC simulations

Michael Henderson:

Storm time electric fields, code coupling

Vania Jordanova:

RAM code development: coupled ring current and radiation belt model, including self-consistent B field, EMIC and whistler waves, storm time electric field

Josef Koller:

Kalman filter implementation, data assimilation, code coupling, diffusion code, implement QDSMC, cluster computing

Liz MacDonald:

Empirical study of MPA parameters

Tuija Pulkkinen:

Storm time electric fields

Michelle Thomsen:

Storm time electric fields in RAM, empiral study of MPA data

Bob Tokar:

PIC simulation, chorus and EMIC interactions, HANE physics

Sorin Zaharia:

RAM code, radiation belt interaction with ring current and EMIC waves, self-consistent B field, storm time electric field

X - 1: Plasma Physics

Dan Winske:

HANE physics, PIC simulations

Brian Albright:

HANE physics, PIC simulations, QDSMC diffusion solver

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