Los Alamos National LaboratoryProxy Applications for Co-Design
Small, tractable software vehicles for experimentation and collaboration.

LANL Proxy Applications

The following table outlines the proposed suite of proxy applications either developed, in development, or planned at LANL as part of our co-design effort.

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Several are available today for download, while others will require you to contact us for further information while we build a comprehensive site for distribution and feedback.

Name Type Language (s) Size (loc) Description
SNAP mini F90/95, MPI, OpenMP 3366 SN (Discrete Ordinates) Application Proxy
PENNANT mini C++, MPI, OpenMP 3300 Unstructured Mesh Hydrodynamics
CLAMR mini C++, MPI, OpenMP, OpenCL 45000 Cell-Based Adaptive Mesh Refinement
NuT mini C++ Monte Carlo code for Neutrino Transport