Los Alamos National LaboratoryIS&T Co-Design Summer School
Train future scientists to work across disciplines to solve today's challenges

Co-Design Summer School Research Areas

The research areas span a wide array of topics in computer science and applied mathematics with applications to scientific problems.

Key Personnel  

  • School & Application Science Lead
  • Ben Bergen
  • (505) 667-1699
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  • Computer Science Lead
  • Allen McPherson
  • (505) 665-6548
  • Email
  • Christoph Junghans
  • (505) 665-2278
  • Email
  • Sponsor IS&T Center
  • Frank Alexander
  • (505) 665-4518
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Modeling & Simulation

Software will be developed implementing solvers used to simulate a typical physics application problem.

Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Adaptive mesh refinement is incorporated as it is a commonly desired feature and is necessary to solve the large-scale, computationally intensive problems faced by the scientific computing community.

Runtime Systems

Various runtime systems implementations will be analyzed.