Los Alamos National LaboratoryIS&T Co-Design Summer School
Train future scientists to work across disciplines to solve today's challenges

Co-Design Summer School Overview

Multi-disciplinary students collaborate to solve an interdisciplinary problem of interest to the Laboratory.

Key Personnel  

  • School & Application Science Lead
  • Ben Bergen
  • (505) 667-1699
  • Email
  • Computer Science Lead
  • Allen McPherson
  • (505) 665-6548
  • Email
  • Christoph Junghans
  • (505) 665-2278
  • Email
  • Sponsor IS&T Center
  • Frank Alexander
  • (505) 665-4518
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The Co-Design Summer School assembles a small group of multi-disciplinary students to collaborate on a single problem,. They work together on an interdisciplinary problem of interest to the Laboratory.  

The goal of the summer school is to release an open source proxy application and publish the work. To achieve this goal, the students are allowed to take the project in almost any direction, with the freedom to adjust as the project progresses.

About our sponsor

The Co-Design Summer School is an institutionally sponsored project funded by the Los Alamos Information Science & Technology Center (IS&T). The IS&T Center provides a connection to program management for capability needs and provides IS&T integration and support for mission-critical centers and activities, such as MaRIE (matter-radiation interactions in extremes) and the new Bio-Security and Energy Security centers.