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  • Biosurveillance Gateway

    Biosurveillance Gateway

  • Knowing the resources available

    Knowing the resources available

  • Matching resources to need

    Matching resources to need

  • Identifying gaps in resources

    Identifying gaps in resources

  • Enhancing situational awareness for infectious disease surveillance

    Enhancing situational awareness for infectious disease surveillance

  • Developing support tools

    Developing support tools

  • Building collaborations

    Building collaborations

  • Fostering innovation

    Fostering innovation

What is biosurveillance?

Biosurveillance is the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to help monitor pathogens in plants, animals, humans, food, and the environment.

In the interest of national security, comprehensive biosurveillance can guide mitigation strategies, intervention strategies, and public health decisions.

The Biosurveillance Gateway serves as a centralized portal for resources and research developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, as well as related news and information.

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