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Diagnostics, predictive modelling, and decision support for global and national security

Biosurveillance Capabilities

Research efforts and biosurveillance expertise at the Lab

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  • Nancy Ambrosiano
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  • Global Security, Defense and Nuclear Counterterrorism Program Office
  • Kirsten Taylor-McCabe
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Research areas


  • Creating universal approaches for the discovery and detection of all pathogens.
  • Improving strain identification and characterization of drug resistance and related virulence factors.
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Predictive Modeling

  • Building epidemiological models capable of incorporating disease mechanisms from diverse datasets.
  • Developing theory and modeling to predict disease progression in a host.
  • Providing decision makers with validated epidemiological models for disease forecasting and prediction.
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Decision Support

  • Developing visual analytics and databases for infectious disease surveillance
    • Bioinformatics
    • Health informatics
  • Developing and assessing new data streams that can be used for disease surveillance.
  • Developing and integrating LANL capabilities in disease biology, public health, epidemiology, medical diagnostics, statistical and computational analysis, and database management to create decision support tools.
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