Los Alamos National Laboratory Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Program
Ensuring the safety and reliability of the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile

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Los Alamos ASC Program Contacts


  • ASC Program Office
  • (505) 667-9128
Program Director Jason Pruet jpruet@lanl.gov
Deputy Program Director Aimee Hungerford aimee@lanl.gov
Program Administrator Tabitha Lopez tabitha@lanl.gov
Program Analyst Adrienne Hidalgo hidalgo_a@lanl.gov
Integrates Codes Program Manager Christopher Werner cwerner@lanl.gov
Physics and Engineering Models Program Manager Manolo Sherrill manolo@lanl.gov
Verification and Validation Program Manager Catherine Plesko plesko@lanl.gov
Advanced Technology Development and Mitigation Program Manager Mike Lang mlang@lanl.gov
Computational Systems and Software Environments Program Manager Mike Lang mlang@lanl.gov
Platforms Program Manager Jim Lujan jewel@lanl.gov
Facility Operations and User Support Program Manager Jason Hick jhick@lanl.gov