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Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection

The Radiation Protection Division supports the Laboratory in accomplishing its mission by helping to ensure radiological work is conducted safely and within requirements established by Occupational Radiation Protection (10 CFR 835) and enforced under the Price Anderson Amendments Act.

We have over 250 knowledgeable professionals, who provide a full spectrum of RP deployed and centralized services, including:

  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • Radiological hazard assessment and work control
  • Radiological incident & emergency management
  • External, extremity, and special area dose monitoring
  • Radiological sample and in-vivo and in-vitro bioassay analyses and services
  • Radiation monitoring instrument maintenance, repair, and calibration
  • Radiological engineering
  • Radiological dose assessment
  • Technical consulting and subject matter expertise in all of the above areas




Radiation Protection

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