Publications, Presentations, and Reports (October 1996-December 1996)

Journal Publications

M. D. Diener, D. K. Veirs, and S. S. Eaton (Univ. of Denver), "An Empty Fullerene Donor, C74," submitted to J. Amer. Chem. Soc.

M. D. Diener, C. A. Smith, and D. K. Veirs, "Anaerobic Preparation and Solvent Free Separation of Uranium Endohedral Metallofullerenes," submitted to J. Chem. of Matr.

Conference Presentations

K. M. Axler and M. H. West, "Process Modeling and Development for Treatment of Uranium-Contaminated Solid Wastes," The Second International Symposium on Extraction and Processing for the Treatment and Minimization of Wastes, Phoenix, AZ, October 27, 1996.

S. M. Dinehart, K. A. Qubat-Martin, D. W. Gray, V. A. Hatler, and S. W. Jones, "Radioactive Source Recovery Program: Responses to Neutron Source Emergencies," Hazwaste World/Superfund XVII, Washington, D.C., October 15-17, 1996.

H. L. Nekimken, N. G. Pope, J. M. Macdonald, R. A. Bibeau, B. G. Gomez, D. J. Sellon, "Case Study for the Evaluation and Selection of Man-Machine Interface (MMI) Software," Fall 1996 Instrument Society of America Meeting, Chicago, IL, October 7-10, 1996.

The following were presented at The 1996 Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE) Conference, Anaheim, CA, November 19-21, 1996:

M. A. Stroud, "Pollution Prevention and Waste Management Performance Improvement at the LANL Plutonium Facility" and T. L. Binder, "Dressing Up With Somewhere To Go-Radiological II Practical Exercises at the LANL Plutonium Facility."

L. A. Avens, K. K. S. Pillay, and S. M. Dinehart, "The 94-1 Core Technology Research and Development Program," The American Nuclear Society International Meeting, Washington, D.C., November 11-15, 1996.

T. O. Nelson, D. E. Wedman, and H. E. Martinez, "Electrolytic Methods for the Decontamination of Metal Surfaces," 23rd national Meeting of the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACCS), Kansas City, Missouri, September 29-October 4, 1996.

The following were presented at the American Nuclear Society/European Nuclear Society 1996 International Conference and Embedded Topical Meetings, Washington, D.C., November 10-15, 1996:

H. T. Blair, K. M. Chidester, and K. B. Ramsey, "Fabrication of Mixed Oxide Fuel Using Plutonium from Dismantled Weapons"; K. M. Chidester, C. A. Beard, and H. T. Blair, "Fabrication of Mixed-Oxide Nuclear Fuel in Support of the Parallex Project"; and K. B. Ramsey and K. M. Chidester, "Fabrication of Non-Fertile and Evolutionary Mixed Oxide Fuels."

H. T. Hawkins and B. E. Scheetz (Pennsylvania State University), "Preparation of Monophasic Sodium Zirconium Phosphate [NZP] Radiophases: Potential Host Matrices for the Immobilization of Reprocessed Commercial High-Level Wastes," Proceedings of the Materials Research Society 1996 Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, December 2-6, 1996.

E. Garcia, J. A. McNeese, V. R. Dole, and W. J. Griego, "Vacuum Distillation Separation of Pyrochemical Residue Salts," 16th Pyrochemical Workshop, St. Charles, Illinois, October 28-31, 1996.

C. A. Smith, M. D. Mayne, K. Rodriguez-Cales, J. C. Baiardo, and T. R. Mills, "Hydrochloric Acid Recycle: Chloride Crystallization and Acid Reconcentration by Gas Phase Membrane Separation," 2nd Annual SERDP Symposium, Tyson's Corner, VA, November 20-22, 1996.

M. A. Williamson, "The Chemistry of Fluid Fuel Nuclear Systems," 16th Annual Pyrochemical Workshop, St. Charles, IL, October 28-31, 1996.


F. N. Schonfeld and R. E. Tate, "The Thermal Expansion Behavior of Unalloyed Plutonium," LA-13034, October 1996.

M. A. H. Reimus and J. E. Hinckley, "General Purpose Heat Source: Research & Development Program Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator/Thin Fragment Impact Test," LA-13220, November 1996.

D. D. Padilla, L. A. Worl, F. C. Prenger, and D. D. Hill, "Magnetic Roll Separation of Sand, Slag, and Crucible," Final Fiscal Year 1996 94-1 R&D Project Report LA-CP-96-262, November 1996.

K. W. Fife, C. W. Hoth, and J. B. Nielsen, "Nuclear Materials Stabilization and Packaging End-Of-Year Status Report," LA-13238-MS, November 1996.

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