NMT Division welcomes a new scientific member. Dr. Dane Spearing recently graduated from Stanford University with a Ph.D. in geology and a minor in materials science. Much of Dane's doctoral research involved examination of the mechanisms and dynamics of displacive phase transitions in a number of minerals and ceramics using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction. Dane will be working with John Huang (NMT-6) on the synthesis and characterization of zircon as outlined in his postdoctoral research proposal.

As part of the NMT Division Review process, the following Extenal Advisory Committee members visited the division during this quarter to get familiarized with the division projects to be reviewed in March 1997: Dr. Rohinton Bhada of the New Mexico State University (10/2/96), Dr. Gregory Choppin of the Florida State University (10/16/96), Dr. Robert Uhrig of the University of Tennessee (10/16/96), Dr. Todd LaPorte of the University of California-Berkeley (11/21/96), and Dr. Darryl DesMarteau of Clemson University (12/17/96).

Professor Alexandra Navrotsky of Princeton University visited NMT Division on October 4 and presented a seminar on "Thermodynamics of Glasses and Crystals Related to Actinides Immobilization and Confinement."

Call for Papers

A formal Call for Papers has been issued for "Plutonium Futures-The Science," a conference to be held at the Hilton in Santa Fe, NM, on August 25-27, 1997. Authors are encouraged to submit summaries of papers describing work that is new, significant, and relevant to plutonium and actinide science. Topics include separations, transuranic waste, isotopes/nuclear fuels, detection and analysis, materials science, novel plutonium/actinide compounds and complexes, and environmental and biosphere chemistry. The conference program Chairs must receive these summaries by March 24, 1997. The summaries will be printed in a conference transactions document. The Call for Papers and other conference information is available by visiting the World Wide Web at, sending e-mail to, or calling 505-667-8663. The conference is sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory in cooperation with the American Nuclear Society.

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