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Passive Nondestructive Assay Manual - PANDA

(These pages require Adobe Acrobat Reader, free from Adobe)
Table of Contents, etc. (p. i-xxi)
The Origin of Gamma-Rays (p. 1-26)
Gamma-Ray Interactions with Matter (p. 27-42)
Gamma-Ray Detectors (p. 43-64)
Instrumentation for Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy (p. 65-94)
General Topics in Passive Gamma-Ray Assay (Ch. 5, p. 95-158)
Attenuation Correction Procedures (p.159-194)
The Measurement of Uranimum Enrichment (Ch. 7, p. 195-220)
Plutonium Isotopic Composition by Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy (p. 221-272)
Densitometry (p. 273-312)
X-Ray Fluorescence (p. 313-336)
The Origin of Neutron Radiation (p. 337-356)
Neutron Interactions with Matter (p. 357-378)
Neutron Detectors (p. 379-406)
Principles of Neutron Counting (p. 407-434)
Total Neutron Counting Instruments and Applications (p. 435-456)
Principles of Neutron Coincidence Counting (p. 457-492)
Neutron Coincidence Instruments and Applications (p. 493-528)
Iradiated Fuel Measurements (p. 529-562)
Perimeter Radiation Monitors (p. 563-588)
Attribute and Semiquantitative Measurements (p. 589-616)
Principles of Calorimetric Assay (p. 617-640)
Calorimetric Assay Instruments (p. 641-660)
Application Guide (p. 661-678)
Appendices (p. 679-700)

PANDA 2007 Addendum

PANDA Preface & Table of Content
1. Gamma-ray Detectors for Nondestructive Analysis
2. Plutonium Isotopic Analysis Using PC/FRAM
4. Tomographic Gamma-ray Scanning of Uranium and Plutonium
5. Nondestructive Assay of Holdup
6. Passive Neutron Multiplicity Counting
7. Active Neutron Multiplicity Counting
8. Fast & Epithermal Neutron Multiplicity Counters
9. Shufflers
10. Principles and Applications of Calorimetric Assay
11. Useful Nuclear Data for NDA


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