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    Michael C. Miller
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    Jon S. Bridgewater
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    Deborah A. Smith

Application Notes & Guides

Guides and Notes are provided under the sponsorship of the OSS Technology Development Branch to disseminate information on the application of major NDA instruments developed under OSS support.


Californium Shuffler

FRAM Plutonium Isotopic Analysis System

Generalized-Geometry Gamma-Ray Holdup Assay

Heat-Flow Calorimeters

Hybrid Densitometer

Passive/Active Neutron Coincidence Counter

Passive Neutron Coincidence Counters

Passive Neutron Multiplicity Counter

Segmented Gamma-Ray Scanner

Shipper Receiver Confirmatory System


Application Guide to Neutron Multiplicity Counting

Guide to Nondestructive Assay Standards: Preparation Criteria, Availability, and Practical Considerations

Application Guide to Gamma-Ray Isotopic Analysis Using the FRAM Software



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