Introduction to the NHMFL Pulsed Field Facility at LANL

Information on the physical set-up of pulsed field measurements

Read about lock-in amplifiers and their role in your measurements

Information about noise and ways to eliminate it from your measurements

How to collect and evaluate your measurement data

Information on optical spectroscopy

Information about time-resolved optics

Information on de Haas van Alphen Effect measurements

Information on Shubinkov de Haas Effect measurements

Information on Absolute Resistivity measurements

Information on Heat Capacity measurements

Information on RF Penetration Depth measurements



Welcome to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Los Alamos campus is one of three that make up the NHMFL, the other two are located in Florida, one at Florida State University in Tallahassee and the other at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

As a user facility, the NHMFL-LANL hosts hundreds of scientists a year who visit the magnet lab to conduct measurements in the pulsed magnetic fields.

Qualified users who are planning to attend the NHMFL Pulsed Field Facility may find this web site helpful in preparation for coming to the lab. Pages within the "Troubleshooting" section detail what the experimental cells look like and what equipment is available to use to how to use the lock-in amplifiers, data acquisition devices and how to combat noise.

The "Measurements" section highlights the different types of measurement capabilities and gives examples of some research that has been done in these disciplines.

Take a virtual tour of the magnet lab to see what the facility looks like before you come!

For further information on the pulsed field facility see the following publication:

Boebinger, G.S.; Lacerda, A.H.; Schneider-Muntau, H.J.; Sullivan, N. "The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory's pulsed magnetic field facility in Los Alamos." PHYSICA B, 294 (2001):512-518.