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Introduction to the NHMFL Pulsed Field Facility at LANL

Information on the physical set-up of pulsed field measurements

Read about lock-in amplifiers and their role in your measurements

Information about noise and ways to eliminate it from your measurements

How to collect and evaluate your measurement data

Information on optical spectroscopy

Information about time-resolved optics

Information on de Haas van Alphen Effect measurements

Information on Shubinkov de Haas Effect measurements

Information on Absolute Resistivity measurements

Information on Heat Capacity measurements

Information on RF Penetration Depth measurements

Temperature Reading and Control


Neocera LTC-21 temperature controllers are used for most measurements. Also, the majority of our probes use Cernox temperature sensors. The sensor calibrations are stored in the temperature controller.

Although difficult to use for precise temperature readings, the pressure readings of the helium-3 and helium-4 baths can be used for a rough temperature approximation. Pressure-temperature conversion charts are taped to the sides of the instrument cabinets.