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Pulsed Magnets

Pulsed magnets fall into two general classes: NON-DESTRUCTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE.

Non-destructive pulsed magnets must solve the problem of the exceedingly high stresses generated in the magnet during pulsing. These stresses typically reach 200,000 pounds per square inch (equal to 1.4 giga-pascals), which is greater than the strength of most materials. As such, pulsed magnet technology relies on state of the art materials research. The most flexible pulsed magnets, from the point of view of the experimentalist, are "shaped-pulse" magnets in which the magnetic field shape can be specified to meet the particular needs of a given experiment. The 60 Tesla Long-Pulse magnet at Los Alamos is unique in the world for field volume and pulse shape.

Field strength: 50 - 70 T, Period: 20 - 800 ms* (available now at NHMFL)

ac power driven (Long-Pulse, adjustable pulse shape)
Field strength: 40 - 60 T, Period: 2 sec (>100 ms**) (available now at NHMFL)

Capacitor + ac power
Field strength: 80 - 100 T, Period: 20 ms (in design/construction stage at NHMFL)

Destructive pulsed magnets sidestep the strength of materials problem and are designed to explode with every pulse. Since the intense magnetic field exists only as long as it takes a shock-wave to propagate through the magnet the pulse duration is limited to a few microseconds. The highest magnetic fields are achieved by explosively compressing the magnetic field into the sample (although the sample is destroyed with each pulse!)

Single turn coil (capacitor-driven)

Field strength: 100 - 250 T, Period: 4 - 8 microsecond (under construction)

'Strip generator' (chemical + capacitor)
Field strength: 100 - 250 T, Period: 5 - 10 microsecond (available at LANL through
collaboration and external funding)

'Imploding liner' (capacitor)

Field strength: 400 - 550 T, Period: 4 - 8 microsecond (being developed for programs
in high energy density physics at LANL, also available at ISSP, University of Tokyo)

Multi-stage generator (chemical + capacitor)

Field strength: 1000 T plus, Period: 4 - 8 microsecond (available at LANL through
collaboration and external funding, also available at Sarov, Russia)


T (tesla) is 10,000 gauss
* total pulse length, including decay
** duration at constant field (flat-top)
ms is 0.001 second
microsecond is 0.000001 second

Magnetic Field Generation Capabilities
60 T Long Pulse (Motor-Generator Driven) magnet (under construction)
65 T Short Pulse (Capacitor Driven)
50 T Short Pulse (Capacitor Driven)
50 T Long Pulse (Capacitor Driven)
20 T Superconducting Magnet
100 T Magnet (Motor-Generator and Capacitor Driven) (under construction)

300 T Single Turn Coil

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